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Refer a Recruitment friend – get rewarded !

Gecko Recruitment is inundated with job briefs from awesome recruitment companies in Australia and Asia who want to hire the best recruitment talent. We are ready and waiting to give referral gifts to friends of Gecko who recommend our service.

If you recommend a friend to us we promise to listen to them and do our utmost to help them land their dream job. If we place someone into a job who you have referred to us, then we’ll buy you a shiny new iPad 2 on the day they start work. We are running this particular scheme until 31 December 2014.


Look – no strings attached!

We don’t want to bore you with a long list of Terms and Conditions relating to our referral scheme that are really a pre-curser to delaying rewarding you or wriggling out altogether! Unlike with other referral schemes you don’t have to wait ages for your reward or meet a long list of terms and conditions.


What if you place someone I recommend and they leave the job in the first 3 months?

Not your problem – we’ve already given you your gift on the day they started. We pride ourselves on getting the right match at least almost all of the time. On rare occasions things don’t work out, but If the worst happens – it’s certainly not your fault and we won’t wriggle out of the referral reward!

What if I refer someone who is already on your database?

If we’ve already had meaningful contact with someone you want to refer to us, it will probably be apparent pretty quickly and of course in this instance you didn’t earn a reward. However if we don’t actually know the person you want to refer e.g. we might be connected on Linkedin but haven’t entered a dialogue – then absolutely you will qualify for a reward. We think we should be able to be grown-up about this!

Can I get rewarded more than once?

Absolutely – we genuinely want to reward you for recommending our work to your friends! If you don’t want another iPad for subsequent referrals then we will give you vouchers for the equivalent value.


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